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2012 Hyundai Accent Priced at $ 13,205.00

2012 Hyundai Accent

Base Price: $13,205.00

Powertrain: 138-hp, 123-lb-ft, normally aspirated, gasoline-direct-injection inline-four; FWD, six-speed manual and automatic transmissions

Curb Weight: 2,396-2,630 lb

Hyundai Accent features

The latest subcompact from Hyundai comes in sedan and five-door hatch forms and picks up the sculpted design language successfully promoted by its bigger Elantra and Sonata siblings. The fresh shapes are accompanied by new drivetrains consisting of all-aluminum "Gamma" 1.6-liter, direct-injection inline-fours with class-leading power and fuel-consumption claims, hooked to six-speed manual or automatic transmissions.

As usual with Hyundai, the model variants offer advantageous pricing strategies when compared with similarly equipped rivals and push the size and space envelope into the next EPA category, being classified as compacts rather than subcompacts from the standpoint of official definition. Also in keeping with this ambitious carmaker's aspirations are interior trappings significantly more upscale than those of the competition. If the domestic and Japanese manufacturers aren't already worried about Hyundai, this might be a good time to start.

How’s driving experience with Hyundai Accent?

With spacious driver's accommodations and good seats, the new Accent once again reminds us that good small cars are their own reward. Careful attention to sound insulation (including a special exterior-mirror gasket) provides a ride quieter than anyone has a right to expect from a subcompact. Similar engineering efforts in the body-structure-design arena lend a distinct sense of solidity without unwanted weight increase.

Boasting 138 hp and the broad torque spread brought about by variable valve timing on both cams, the Accent is a pretty sprightly performer. The only thing blunting its road-going verve is the electronic throttle control, which dilutes the kind of throttle response you find in Hondas. But it does allow the implementation of an eco-program that smoothes driver input to optimize fuel economy.

The electric steering assist has the expected magnetic on-center feel but retains decent weighting when the car is driven hard, and its path control is keen and intuitive. Both manual and automatic transmissions operate well, the latter offering manual override as well as hill-start control as a bonus not usually found on subcompact cars. With generous storage areas, a sliding-armrest console cover, premium audio options and a high level of interior trim, the new Accents bring serious ordnance to the subcompact war.

The subcompact class has a peculiar demographic spread. There are first-time buyers on one end and mature drivers wanting reasonable transportation for minimal outlay at the other. As someone nearer the latter condition than the former, one can see the appeal. With reasonable performance, good looks, decent appointments, frugal fuel consumption and a great warranty. This is another great experience with Hyundai Motors





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