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Hyundai Heavy ships the first LNG-fuelled GENSET 40GV Engine - Eco Friendly

Ulsan, Korea-based Hyundai Heavy Industries has completed test runs and started shipping the eco-friendly gas-fuelled Himsen H35/40GV engine. The first example is destined for a power plant in the Middle East.

The H35/40GV has been designed for power generation, and HHI says that it is intended for use onboard commercial ships, and in offshore facilities including drillships, as well as in onshore power plants,. The new gas engine runs on LNG rather than heavy fuel oil and has a maximum power output of 13,000bhp.

HHI says that the engine emits 20% less CO2 than diesel engines, and reduces NOx emissions by 97%. NOx emissions of 50ppm are claimed to be the world's lowest, while HHI also claims an engine efficiency improvement of 47%.

Kim Jeong-hwan, COO of Hyundai's engine & machinery division said: "Due to high oil prices and strengthening regulations on emissions, the demand for gas engines is increasing. We expect these high-output gas engines to help Hyundai Heavy expand our product lines, diversify target markets, and boost sales."

With a 35% share of the diesel engine market, Hyundai Heavy plans to be in the top three for gas engines with a 15% market share by 2013.


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